Two magpies on Two wheels in One Year

This site is a start to document the trials of completing some ten New Years resolutions.

About Start 2020

The following is a list of ten resolutions that I hope to complete in 2020. The last  6 are left over from 2019 , as a) I particular enjoyed the activity and would like it to be a part of yearly activity b) Incomplete, so lets get it done. So the first four are new ones for 2020. 
I have tried to keep my interests of Exercise , Spanish , Outdoors, Reading
Let see how it goes


Do a workaway / helpx stint for 3 months

Volunteer at NT trust

By Sept 1st 2020 , Have a plan to spend 4 months in Southern Hemisphere

Keep off face book .

Complete 500 piece jigsaw

Complete 15 park runs in 3 different locations

Cycle to Mediterranean

Build website

Read 12 books

Study Spanish each day

Learn to play GO – added 14/Dec/2019

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