Generalfuel 1 litre = 49p ($2.29 a gallon) Cigarettes $8 for 20 , i.e. £6 for 20
Spectacular Halloween decorations in loads of housesHOMES – acronym for remembering the Great Lakes – Huron , Ontario, Michigan ,Erie , Superior 
American mischief namesTaco Bell – Taco HellHistorical Site – Hysterical siteHookers – advertised as a family restaurant (yeah !)carrots/swedes – rutabagDeer and Bear hunting – legal in Michigan’s Upper PeninsulaUp = Upper Peninsula –  A place where people are either running away from something , or trying to find somethingSkunk on road – its true , the smell , yukRaccoons – Why did the chicken cross the road ? – To show the raccoon it could be done . (Yes , plenty of dead raccoons). Rails for trails – railtracks have been converted to paths (UK Beeching cuts) Recycling – USA does not recycle. Breakfast served on plastic , eaten with plastic knives and forks and thrown away.
Indigenous –

day 1-3 Location: chicagoAccommodation: airbnbFood: Chicago Hot dogs Expensive city – beer $8  
ActivitiesHired city cycles to go between Wrigleys field (Chicago cubs , baseball) and Soldiers Field (NFL football, Chicago bears) along Lake MichiganAmazing CTA elevated railways through city, Trump tower , Milienium park City architectural sights , fantasticTheatre – Hamilton (statue of him in Millenium park ) start of route 66
day 4-5 Location: MilwaukeeAccommodation: hotel Pfister Food: Ethiopian , Bratwurst ,  Less Expensive city – beer $6  
ActivitiesHome of the Harley Davidson motorbike, visited museum . Lake MichiganMilwaukee Braves stadium – Miller Park German Octoberfest Public market 
  day 6Location: Sheboygan, pop 49000. Typical small town AmericaAccommodation: Motel (felt like motel in Memphis where Martin Luther King was shot) Food: Cheese curds , Rocky Rococo Pizza  Beer – $4  
Activities:Walk along sidewalks  

 day 7Location: Ferry across Lake Michigan from Manitowoc to Ludington on SS Badger (4 hours crossing) Accommodation: MotelFood: Chilli Burger  Beer – $4  
Activities :   
day 8-9Location: Glen arbor , Sleeping Bear Dunes National ParkAccommodation: MotelFood: Buffalo wings with celery  Beer – $4  
Activities :Canoe down the Lower Platte river to Lake MichiganHike the Sleeping Bear Dunes , 
day 10Location: Drive through Traverse City , across Mackinac Bridge to the Upper PeninsulaAccommodation: MotelFood: Upper Peninsula pasties , with mayo and gravy – a meal in its own right, from iron mining tradition .Beer – $4  
Activities :cross the Mighty Mac bridge Mackinac (pronounced Makinaw)  Lake Michigan to the  west , Lake Huron to the East.Traverse City lunch
day 11Location: Tahquamenon Falls State Park Accommodation: noneFood: Upper Peninsula pasties , with mayo and gravy – a meal in its own right, from iron mining tradition .Beer – $4  
Activities :Saute reservation (pronounce soo) Hike the Falls , both Upper and Lower , 4 miles along the North Country Trail . ( The colours on the Maple trees for the next 10 days are so spectacular , every corner is blessed with yellow, amber , red.  ( )
day 12-17Location: Marquette , Michigan , Lake Superior , Upper Peninsula
Accommodation: 1900 house , wooden exterior, porch , 1.5 miles from downtownFood: fried broccoli , Beer – $4  
Activities :- ice Hockey game at North Michigan University- Lecture by Garth Evans , a famous sculptor . (surreal that he discussed Aberfan disaster , Ebbw Vale and British Steel ) I felt special . – pub quiz- karoke- cinema The Joker- Casino , run by the Indians , different laws to the state laws, e.g. smoking allowed inside (   ) 
Cycled along Lake Superior-  35 miles the Marquette Iron Hertitage trail – Little Presque Isle Park- 25 miles to Ojibwa

day 18-20Location: Green Bay 
Accommodation: 1900 house , wooden exterior, porch , 1.5 miles from downtown
Food: Tailgating ( )Beer – $4  ActivitiesKitch iti kipi – natural lake  (  ) Lambeau Field (Green Bay Packers – iconic stadium , in line with Canadians who had driven 10 hours to get here).Roll out the Barrel – the packers anthem .Packers played well and beat the LA raiders. This is more than a football game , its an event , BBQ in the parking lot , rock concerts , suppporters in green and gold. cheese heads , 
day 21Location: Evanston , Illinois ,  University town , quieter Accommodation: Hotel
Food: Spanish tapas Beer – $6  
Activities :The drive through Wisconsin from Green Bay to Evanston is boring , countryside flat , Prairie like , forests Could see Chicago skyline from the hotel. Walk the town , relax after  a good 3 weeks.