2019-03-20 Tintern to Redbrook

First we had to decide

– Take a car to Monmouth and walk to Tintern

⁃ Take a car to Tintern and walk to Monmouth

⁃ Take two cars , leave one in Monmouth , drive to a Tintern .

We decided on option 2 and walked starting from Tintern . Upwards and onwards towards Offa Dyke .

This was a good option as we were tired at Redbrook and decided to catch bus to Tintern Abbey , after 9 miles .

The first part of hike followed the River Wye , a fast flowing river today . At Brockweir , we viewed Its Tudor houses. Great stop.

Walking the Wye gives a refreshing view of Llandogo with its houses on the high banks . When we returned by bus , Llandogo was non descript !!

We reached Brigsweir bridge , nothing here , not even a house but it was a start of a 300 ft climb to the top of the ridge which followed a defined Offa’s Dyke with plenty of stones defining the hard work in its construction .

This was a very pleasant walk through wooded area and even better the stunning view and walk down towards Redbrook .

It’s March 20th and we were lucky to see a supermoon at sunset , later it was too cloudy .

A deserved sauna at Whitemead resort at Parkend , a hot curry and plain rice completed an absolutely great day .