2019-02-09 Saturday Santo Porto
Alarm at 0615, I was in comfortable dreamland , warm bed , medium hard , a Van Gogh basic room , rustic , with a nice noise of movement outside , the odd car and chatter of passers by.
After , the 15 minute wake doze, off we go , no shower , same clothes as yesterday. Not cold , not warm , another day of plenty of clothes but probably stripping off later .
It’s a good job I asked the time for breakfast , start 0730 , was advised not enough time as 30 minute walk to port . She was right!!
Just finished my breakfast on board . Delicious . Spanish omelette (without potatoes) bacon ( cross between American and British) and two cups of cafe con ledge.
Nice temperature , but I have plenty of clothing as I shall go on deck soon . Pleasant atmosphere . Relaxed but physically tired .Nothing better than sitting on top deck of a ferry , not a cruise ship with loads of half dressed tourists but a mixture of Portuguese and people warmly dressed , as the sun is focusing on Funchal in the distant , trying to force its way to us on stabbord side.
Here it is . Now a warm gentle breeze , the vibration of the ship moving , the drone of the ships engines , the chatter and laughter of passengers waking up , mostly drinking coffee , a few beers , sandwiched between the selfies aaggrrddive.
Hired a bike , 20 euro , not on right frame of mind for an aggressive cycle , so opted for electronic one . Good job too , hilly route . 20/25 miler happy with that .
Lovely sandy beaches , hilly interior but why o why is Columbus house closed during the afternoon. I have a return ferry to catch.
On return ferry , the same crowd , obviously a day trip . A football team can down settle down to the vino tinto .
Return to the hotel restaurant for menu Del dia 9 euro for meal and drinks