Cycling to Wales , here are my notes , which will help for the Med trip.


Why cycle 100 miles around London , when you can cycle 200 miles to Carmarthen.
Make use of YHA accommodation and airbnb.
40/50 miles a day .
Rise at 8Breakfast at 830Pack by 0915
Ready by 0945/1000
Reach destination by 1730.
Bucket list – cross the “old Severn Bridge ” by bike.
Take in Cardiff.National cycle paths are a tough option , often with muddy tracks , grass or gravel .
Reduces speed to 7 mph , B roads a better option .

Small hand towel , no need for large bath towel . You can shower well using hand towel .Trainers and sandals only.

Mapmyrun , works well with airplane mode , using only GPS if you start the app with internet on .
Google maps , start using internet then switch to airplane mode .
But not good for planning long routes.
Os land ranger maps are good but too detailed for cycling.
Best for me were a 4 miles per inch map , showing B roads and even smaller roads.

Homemade flapjacks , bananas and cheap ready salted crisps are good for the cycle .Two flasks of water with glucose . I suffer from cramps and these helped me get through .Two bananas .

Flapjack1 British cycling
Flapjack2 from a normal mum
Flapjack3 lyn wood recipes
Flapjack4 the happy foodie