file 18-12-2015 21 50 19 (2)It is now Jan 5th and I am not making a decision on what I want to do this year. There are so many options that I have and I am procrastinating. It would be nice to have a partner who could take off with me on an adventure. However , that I do not have , so lets investigate and decide.

What do I want to do ? I want to be active , be with people , be outside , travel and cycle.

What do I fear ? I need to wait for a court date and then I can plan. Until then I shall make dates for walking football, ctc , bee keeping and learning Spanish.

  • Travel
  • Cycle

Everyday will be different and full of unanticipated events. I will just have to deal with them when the time comes. Don’t let the fear of what could happen make nothing happen.